Wedding in Ljubljana offers many opportunities in different locations of the city where you can get civilian and church wedding.

poroka v ljubljani

Do you want to get married in the capital of Slovenia?

Why not, the special wedding protocol is promised to you. At the foot of the Ljubljana castle, you will be taken to the very top of the castle with a newly built funicular to the center of the castle.

Particularly special is the catering part of the offer, the landscaping of the surrounding area and the beautiful view from the Ljubljana Castle on all sides. You can also take a walking path to the very center of old Ljubljana, where you can with a little imagination pop the big question and later take a ride with a boat on Ljubljanica river.

Our beautiful city center offers many hidden places that you and you future husband to be can yet discover. This exactly is the charm of romantic and special Ljubljana.

We advise you to get acquainted with the organizer how your wedding day and the civil ceremony will be covered and what will your organizers offer to you. As the organizers of your wedding day, our work and leadership is at a very professional level, and certainly work with you will make unforgettable day for us too.

In the center of Ljubljana, you can take a walk through the promenade to the Tivoli castle. Or you also can opt for a magnificent wedding in the wonderful Grand Hotel Union, which celebrates the 110th anniversary of its existence and where you will experience the magnificent secessionist architectural style. A beautiful and colorful environment gives you the feeling that you have been set up many years back.

Moreover, you can experience perfect wedding at the Fužine castle, at the Polhov Gradec Mansion, and we must not forget the Trubar home, just before the Velike Lašče. All of these listed locations fall under the Administrative Unit of Ljubljana, where you can choose your date for a civil wedding.


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