Weddings on ZAPRICE castle

    Romantic environment of the castle and a magnificent castle salon on the second floor are perfect for personal solemn celebrations, start of a joint life and also for special solemn events.

    In the castle it is possible to rent a salon on the second floor, which was renovated in recent years when restorating the baroque and historical painting from the end of the 19th century. Salon is equipped with eighty chairs. For events with an aftertaste of rural style the appropriate area is the lawn in front of the castle, where stand the preserved wooden granaries from 18th and 19th century, covered with thatched roof.


    A real castle wedding will happen on a red carpet next to the castle walls with a view of the old part of Kamnik or in the castle hall. Then bride’s, groom’s and wedding guests speeches will follow. The ceremony will be closed by the groom who will open a bottle of champagne with a sabre.

    There will be a professional coordinator with you so that the script’s content and timing are perfect. Everything will be wrapped with a gentle background music.

    In the hot summer days the most appropriate and special places for events are the grassy area around the castle, from where you can see the old city center of Kamnik, the castle courtyard and a tidy arcade area with a lapidarium.

    In Zaprice castle the museum exists from the year 1962. Kamnik museum covers the areas which extend from Kamnik Alps to Zasavje. Permanent exhibition of the early curved products, from skis to making of the first industrial furniture, is on display on the first floor, with special emphasis on Thonet patent and the use of this patent in Slovenia. Under the arcades is the lapidarium of the chosen archeological and artistic heritage.

    On Zaprice caslte in Kamnik we organize for you and unforgettable civil ceremony. Every Saturday there are only two weddings, which means that you will have enough time for congratulations and a wedding banquet.

    Outdoor area can accommodate up to 150 guests while the hall can accommodate around 100 wedding guests. Parking space next to the castle is assured for around 30 vehicles by prior announcement.


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