Farm Marin is a farm with rich, more than 300 years old tradition, of which part and later its main activity vinery became in 1980. Excellent location, under Pohorje, on the Limbuš wine road, just a few kilometers from Maribor offers the possibility of wine production with a pleasant aroma. Once, under the watchful eye of father Hubert and today under the leadership of son Jure, their own wine brand is becoming increasingly quality and is getting more recognition day after day.

    In recent years, we have upgraded the traditional processes with the modern ones and thus adjust technology equipment. Today we produce wines that are, in the quality, comparable to global wine trends, however in the future, we strive to expand our own brand to the global markets.


    Sparkling wine Hubert was created in honor and memory of our father Hubert, who planted a part of vineyard with a wish to produce sparkling wine one day. The first bottles of sparkling wine were made from grapes of year 2014, when son Jure took over the farm and chart a new way of family tradition with sparkling wine. At wedding celebration or any other special occasion sparkling wine can be served as an aperitif or aside smooth and light dishes such as fish, chicken, etc. The lightness and freshness of fruitful Sparkling wine Hubert will remain in the memory of you and your guests and will refine your special celebration.


    The idea of a wedding wine is the result of competition between male and female team to prove that also women can left their mark in the process of making wine. To prove how successful the competition was, we can offer you our two wines, Draga and Dragi, which do not disappoint even the most experienced taste buds. Wines of the same variety are made each according to special chosen procedure, tailored to female and male taste and designed for your special wedding day. However wines Draga and Dragi can be give also at any other special holidays and celebrations such as on Valentine’s Day, Women’s Day or birthdays.

    The special offer also include a package Triplet, where you can find sparkling wine Hubert and wines Draga and Dragi. Triplet package is unique, hand-made, color coordinated and adapted for your celebration or special occasion for which it is purchased. When creating the package, we consider the wishes of the costumers, who may, in accordance with the agreement also replace the wine with other bottled wines from our range.


    Permanent offer of the Vinery Marin covers Cuvée Marin (1l) and Chardonnay, Sauvignon, Welschriesling, Riesling and Traminer (0,75l).

    At the prior and large orders for the celebration of weddings or any other special occasions, Vinery Marin will also take care for the delivery if wine. Our wines will guarantee you a perfect and memorable wedding.

    And do not forget: There is no wine like Marin’s! That has also been confirmed by Sabina Remar and Rado Mulej at the Wedding fair 2016 in Dolenjska.


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