Our farm extends over 20 ha and is located at the altitude of 755 m. We are a family of four (4) and agriculture is our way of life. In 2001 we have also registered a supplementary activity at our farm and have been very active since. We are open all throughout the year and each season of the year has its own charm and brings along some special farming activities as well. We work with dairy cows and they give milk throughout the entire year. Besides milk production we also rear other types of cattle, pigs, hens, rabbits and a goat. We do our best to be self-sufficient in the area of essential foods (eggs, meat, milk etc.). Our guests are very happy as they can become a part of the environment when they are included in different chores on and around the farm. This brings joy especially to the younger visitors, because they have the opportunity to feed the farm animals and experience the everyday farm life.

The farm is located at the top of a hill, over the confluence of the Soča River and Idrijca River, on the periphery of the Bainsizza plateau with a lovely view on the Julian Alps and the Friuli region.

wedding at the Široko tourist farm

Our tourist farm has become a real treat for the execution of weddings.

Weddings can be completely carried out with us just because of the incredible location above the farm on the top of the hill, where each soul is romantically dislodged due to its nature and because of its amazing views, both civil ceremonies, as well as the church ritual and, of course, the gala dinner.

We are very respected by the newlyweds, because they enable us to make a very pleasant performance of the most beautiful life event.

We can prepare a simple rustic lunch as well as a festive feast, depending on what our guests wish. For larger celebrations such as a wedding, our clients prefer to choose the "all inclusive" option, where the aperitif, a 5-course celebration menu and a drink in unlimited quantities are included in the price (25 eur).


Our most known dishes include cold cuts from homemade dried meat products (prosciutto, pork neck, salami, rolled pancetta). Well ripened cheese from the neighbouring farmer is the perfect counter balance to dried meat products, accompanied with the delicate taste of freshly baked home made bread.

Our most favourable warm appetizer is the mushroom soup, made from porcini, which are picked in the close vicinity of our farm.

In the summer our guests are most enthusiastic about the roast and roasted potatoes or young potatoes,. The winter awakens different flavours and the guests mainly crave for homemade black pudding, sausages, and ribs with some delicious sour cabbage as a popular side dish.

We must not forget about the house speciality – roulades, filled with cottage cheese, walnuts or chocolate, which will put the finishing touch on your experience of our homemade specialities.


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