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You can choose between the magnificent castle outdoor wedding in the castle park and the wedding hall in the Sevnica Castle

In Sevnica we have a fairy-tale castle. Surrounded by a grove in the park and raised above the old town. If you are the lucky one in love or you know any of them, walk with us through the castle corridors, halls in the castle park, which offer one of the most beautiful wedding ceremonies in Slovenia.

When you will walk through the atrium and down the winding staircase of the castle under the arches of the corridor the last time as girlfriend and boyfriend, the wedding march will remember you why you are here. One last look in the mirror and hearty reception in a richly furnished wedding hall will disperse the fright before your crucial step. Hand in hand, wedding rings, kiss and tears of happiness of those who love you. Sparks in the eyes, champagne and memorable photos in the embrace of the castle tower with beautiful frescoes. Even more, you will adore gorgeous outdoor wedding, surrounded by majestic trees in the castle park.

Spend the most beautiful moments of your day in a place where the past and the present meet…

The main advantages of the magnificent castle wedding in the Sevnica Castle:

1. We offer you unique atmosphere in the castle environment under the mighty trees in the restored castle park with a beautiful view of the Sava valley.

2. The majestic castle wedding in the park takes place every 2 hours, so you will have enough time for the peaceful wedding guests entertainment, photography, etc.

3. We take care of traffic organization in order to avoid any problems with parking.

4. Entire ceremony is guided; from the reception of your wedding guests until end of your ceremony.

5. Basic price allows you access to all castle rooms for the purpose of wedding photography.


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