Why SENS?

    Because we have 20 years of work experiences and our dresses, shirts and accessories are really something special. The reason for that is the owner of SENS brand – Zlata Zavašnik, recognized designer of clothes. She uses details in her collection, which give the clothes a touch of uniqueness.

    Because our dresses are affordable, considering that they are designed and manufactured in the best possible way and are made from quality materials.

    Because our offer of different models of dresses is very large and includes all sizes, that is from 42 to 62 (classical), from 90 to 120 (extended) and from 23 to 31 (shortened). Every man is able to find his favorite model and size in our store, which means, that he doesn’t need a custom made suit.

    In our store in TCP Diamant, BTC Ljubljana, you will be advised by our experienced and kind counselors. You can find suits, shirts, ties, vests, cuffs, belts, shoes and socks, all in one place. You can also visit the OUTLET corner that is located in our store. There you can find very affordable products or rent a tailcoat or a tuxedo.

    fashion accessories

    With thoughtful fashion accessories, daily clothes can be changed for the purpose.

    In our store you will find accessories for all occasions, and our experienced staff will help you make your task complete to the last detail.

    We offer you a wide selection of fashion accessories such as butterflies, ties and pocket handkerchiefs. They are often made of fabrics that connect with other our products.

    Men's shoes

    We place great emphasis on the quality and design of men's shoes. In our store we have a wide selection of handmade leather men's shoes from the Italian manufacturer and designer MARINNI, whose tradition dates back to 1945.
    Carefully selected materials, thoughtful designs and quality workmanship.
    Shoes for all special occasions also in bordeaux and blue.


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    Wedding organizer Špela Šebenik is well experienced in wedding planning and organization. She is also founder of biggest Slovenian wedding portal specialized to support and help Slovenian and foreign couples with their wedding. Step in contact with Špela from the form below or add her on skype. She will be happy to assist you.

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