romantic wedding at the polhov gradec manor

    Wedding in the romantic Polhograjska manor in Municipality of Dobrova – Polhov Gradec, just a stone’s throw away from Ljubljana.

    You want a wedding in a beautiful park, surrounded by the surrounding hills, in a green environment, away from the hustle and bustle of the city and the crowd?

    If you answer is yes then you can marry in the company of count Blagaj:
    – in a wedding hall in the manor
    – in a pavilion in the castle park

    In a romantic Polhograjska manor you can conclude your wedding vows in a wedding hall or in a pavilion in the castle park, the wedding celebration can then be proceeded in the park, most times under the hundred-year-old castle linden. We also offer you a possibility of a church marriage in a castle chapel, Parish Church of Mary’s birth or in the Church of St. Peter in Dvor.

    In the 17th century a castle chapel with a rich baroque structure was built next to the manor and that is the place where we offer a possibility of a church wedding today.
    If you feel that the castle chapel is too small you can arrange for a church ceremony in the Parish Church of Mary’s birth or in the Church of St. Peter in Dvor.

    Available dates for the wedding:

    Dates are adjusted according to the first application of a couple for each Saturday.

    Wedding protocol implementation in Polhograjska manor:

    – hall rental in Polhograjska manor or rental of the pavilion in a park
    – protocol implementation
    – possibility of staying in the manor or in a park 2 hours after the ceremony
    – layout of a tent over the table, tables, chairs and preparation of cloths for the banquet after the ceremony
    – a bottle of champagne
    – a gift for the newlyweds


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