To make your wedding beautiful, in a good atmosphere and in pleasant environment, supported by exactly the right amount of food, drink and music, and in the way that you newlyweds want, it is necessary to fulfill quite a few conditions. Hiša Lisjak has created a surprising environment in its newest location Na jasi, which will surely satisfy all previous conditions and exceed your expectations. Wedding and wedding celebration with excellent
    food and music until the morning hours: in one place!

    In Miklavž pri Taboru, in the middle of green meadows and bushes Hiša Lisjak designed a beautiful wooden construction, styled especially that fits the environment and constructed in a way it can accommodate over 100 guests. The central area is completely adaptable to your needs: it is basically designed for a party - a modern menu under the fingers of Lisjak's chefs is shaped according to your taste, combined with a top quality and locally produced ingredients - and the central musical enrichment of the event.
    There is also a dance venue, a separate catering part for the preparation of the service and personalized sanitary facilities.
    Conceptually, all parts of the building breathe as one and present Lisjak respect for tradition and innovative trend tracking. 

    In front of the house, there is a lot of space for different activities. A part of the greenery is specially adapted for a civil wedding with a red carpet for the festive walk of the newlyweds, with comfortable seating for your guests and a festive podium for the implementation of the protocol. The open space offers many possibilities for catering, photography, games and
    relaxing the energy of your youngest guests.

    The concept of "returning back to the nature" is important for many newlyweds who would like to spend their happiest day outside the busy city bustle. The place has everything needed to achieve such wishes, while at the same time it allows all the necessary privacy. There are no obstacles for good entertainment, since you can party, sing and dance as much as you wish to. Hiša Lisjak team will help you with all organizational challenges in order to make your wedding a fairy tale.

    The offer of the Hiša Lisjak is complemented by three other locations: Restaurant Pri mamici, Restaurant Center, and alternative wedding location Kozolec pri ribniku.

    For more information contact us via email lisjak@hisa-lisjak.si.


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