We create a unique and trendy wedding bouquet in Omers Flower Shop. However, your desires are very important to us, so we should talk about it before we manufacture.
    Wedding flowers are a sign of the blossoming love and add beauty, scent and colour to your wedding. In the perfection and magic of the wedding day, wedding flowers have a very special role.

    The choice of flowers is a beautiful and important moment since the wedding bouquet should reflect the wishes and well-being of the newlyweds. Each wedding also has its style and no matter whether you decided for a romantic, classic, elegant, modern, minimalistic or natural wedding, it is important to properly adjust the wedding flowers too. And the wedding bouquet must fit the age, personality, cut and colour of a dress, as well as the time of the year in which the wedding takes place.


    Wedding and area where the wedding and reception will take place have a special meaning and that is why the decoration is very important, so you and you guests feel good and that the whole story becomes and unforgettable memory.


    Florist shop Omers also offers you table decorations. They can be made out of flowers which are the same as the flowers in a wedding bouquet or you can choose totally different flowers. There are endless possibilities for such decorations but they should not be so big that they obscure the view to the guests on the opposite side and therefore make conversation impossible. Usually the table decoration is richer where the bride and groom sit.


    Wedding vehicle decoration is nowadays indispensable part of the wedding. Vehicles are decorated with special arrangements that are attached with a magnet or vacuum.
    Florist Omers offers you decorations for all vehicles in various forms:
    – standard ikebanas,
    – in the shape of a heart, two hearts,
    – rings, wreath,
    – single or double garlands of greenery or flowers,
    – individual blossom and more.

    Decoration of the vehicle is also colour and style adapted to the wedding. The arrangement is also adapted to the shape and size of the vehicle. In case the wedding takes place in the summer a special care must be dedicated to the flowers and size of the arrangement since the heat can take its toll on the flowers.

    Special attention must be paid to the travelling distance on the magical day – vacuum attached decoration require slower driving.

    Florist Omers offers you

    – Various unique wedding bouquets (Biedermeier wedding bouquet, English wedding bouquet, waterfall shaped wedding bouquet…),
    – Substitute wedding bouquet,
    – Bouquet of thanks,
    – Breast bouquet, confetti, corsages, wedding bracelets
    – wedding ring pillows,
    – decoration for wedding guests,
    – church decoration
    – restaurant decoration
    – decoration for other areas where the wedding reception takes place,
    – other decorations (cake, snacks …)


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