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    Event without a flowers is not a real event. Beautiful bouquet is a gift for any occasion; such as thankful notes, birthdays, holly confirmations, graduations, anniversaries, weddings, presentations and graduations of diplomas and other certificates, moving into a new home and even the birth of a child, as it makes recipients happy and create a festive and pleasant atmosphere.
    Our florists will be able to advise you with the selection of appropriate flowers and arrangement. In the flower shop Branka we know that flowers can change an ordinary day into something wonderful!

    Wedding bouquets

    In some places it is traditionally the last gift before the wedding is bouquet bought by her fiancé to his future wife. He should bring it to her in the morning on the day of the wedding; instead of him it could bring it also his best man and with bringing the bouquet fiancés courtship ends.
    After the wedding celebration bride can give away her bouquet to a selected friend or she can throw it to unmarried girls. The purpose of this is to bring the bride happiness in her marriage and the girl who caught the bouquet would become the next bride. If the bride wants to keep the bouquet for a memory and at the same time remain faithful to the tradition, flower shop Branka can prepare a replacement bouquet intended only for throwing it to unmarried girls.

    Decoration of churches and rooms for celebrations

    Flowers contribute to a more romantic and more celebratory atmosphere, so it is indispensable in the area where the ceremony and the wedding reception will take place. When decorating the church we take into account its interior design and architecture. Usually we decorate benches with cute bows and flowers. Upon the agreement we can place in front of the altar also larger flower arrangement. Place for a wedding reception can be decorated with bouquets, ikebana and/or floral arrangements. Table arrangements must be of adequate size, not smaller than the glasses and plates of food, and not too large to render discussion among the wedding guests.

    Decoration of the cars

    Perfect wedding day will be much easier to achieve with the help of our wonderful decorations for the vehicles which will transport the groom, the bride and wedding guests. Among the decorations we offer lovely flower arrangements placed in the car handles and rich flower arrangements placed on the hood that make really great impression. The bonnet of the car can be interwoven with strips on which we clamp floral arrangements in the form of hearts or rings. However we offer also modest elegant decoration with bows and flowers. Florist Branka is available also to decorate the vehicles of the wedding guests.

    Pectoral bouquets and confetti

    Grooms pectoral bouquet is composed of the same flowers as the bridal bouquet, just in a smaller form. Pectoral bouquets of the best man and made of honor are slightly smaller than the grooms. Usually they also contain some flowers from the wedding bouquet. Pectoral bouquets for the wedding guests are made of fresh flowers or various synthetic materials, usually of the color that is consistent with confetti arrangements.

    We will also take care of confetti. Confetti arrangements symbolize gratitude for all the gifts and the memory of the unforgettable spent wedding day. Confetti can be white candies or some other symbolic gifts for the wedding guests. They are arranged in the colors of the wedding. Confetti package must include also the names of the bride and groom.


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