wedding at the dobrna thermal spa

    A wedding day is woven from thousand magical moments that weave the story of a perfect wedding day. Dobrna Thermal Spa is the right place for that …

    To make your wedding day as relaxed as it can be we are with you from the first idea to the last minute of the wedding day.

    Highly-educated staff of our spa and beauty center La Vita Spa & Beauty and haircare salon La Vita Hair Beauty in the meadow will make sure that all eyes on that day are on you. Wonderful nature in the heart of Spa Park through which leads a short but picturesque path to the Church of St. Mary’s Assumption offers a magical ambience for the civil ceremony, but you can also choose an intimate atmosphere of a wedding hall in Vila Higiea.
    Dance music will take you to the wonderful hall of Spa Centre with wonderful architecture, where 120 guests can have fun. Our master chefs prepare a symphony of tastes and colours which satisfies the senses of the most demanding guests, but we can also help you prepare your own menu.

    In the glow of the ceremonial lighting we serve you a midnight wedding cake for a perfect end of the day and a magical start of your first day in marriage.

    The unforgettable party lasts until the morning hours. For a carefree final part after the dancing night the wedding guests can accommodate in our hotels because we have a special offer of bed and breakfast prepared for them. For the ribbon on the perfect wedding package we offer you lodging and late breakfast at any time you choose.

    On the first day of your marital status we invite you to spend it pampering in saunas, in our Sauna Land, sweet massage for two, rituals and of course devoting to one another. Tell us your wishes and together we will write a story of the perfect wedding day.

    wedding ceremony at the dobrna thermal spa

    Civil ceremony can be carried out at 2.locations:
    · Wedding hall in Vila Higiea (official area)
    · Pavilion (in front of Spa Centre)

    For the location of the wedding celebration in Dobrna Thermal Spa you can choose:
    · Ceremonial hall of Spa Centre: wedding for a minimum of 65 and maximum of 120 people.
    · Small hall of Spa Centre: wedding for a minimum of 35 and maximum of 60 people.
    · A`la carte restaurant in Hotel Vita: wedding for a minimum of 15 and maximum of 50 people.


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