If you want to get married you will need a presence of the registrar and both, made of honor and your best man.

Marriage is one of the most important and happiest days in life. But the organization of of the whole event is all but simple because it takes a lot of time and patience. However if you want to get married in narrower circle of your closest friend or just you family, it can be so much easier to organize tho whole day.

The official procedure for marriage must be reported to the registry office where you decide to get married. If you decide for the wedding early enough a lot of free term should be available for you to pick your perfect date. Depending on the order and wishes, they will set an hour. When reserving the desired date, the official person draws up the marriage registration record. The application must include a statement that you, newlyweds will enter voluntarily into the marriage and that all the conditions for liaison are fulfilled.

Often the question arises: is there only one spouse enough to attend the wedding?

In order to get married, it is necessary that both future spouses are present, as the law on marital relations and family relationships dictates. Your rights will be read by registrar when you will commit yourself to each other and promise mutual respect, trust and mutual assistance.


When seeking to apply for a marriage you will need the following documents:
- identity document
- all the details of both made of honor and best man
- in the event of dissolution and termination of your previous marriage, evidence must be provided that the marriage no longer exists

In case that one of the future spouses is a foreign citizen you will need a proof of foreign nationality, a certificate from the birth register, which must not be older than 6 months, confirmation that there are no reservations for marriage and a certificate of single dwelling. If a foreign citizen does not understand the Slovenian language, the presence of a translator is required when applying for a marriage and while getting married.


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