poročne lokacije v sloveniji

A wedding location is one of the first questions that arise before the wedding. What and which place to choose for your perfect wedding location, what they will offer to you and how will they do it are some of many questions connected when choosing wedding location. If you already have a wedding organizer but not location, this is the right page for you.

The right location for you is the one you choose with your heart. Your wedding organizer can help you with that. Also important thing you must keep in mind while choosing your wedding location is the accessibility of place itself. Additionally you should check all offers before reservation.

In Slovenia you can find so many wonderful wedding locations. Your wedding ceremony can be held in such a beautiful surroundings, such as, on mountains, beside lakes or even on our beautiful coastline.

Imagination knows no limit.

poročne lokacije v sloveniji

However some newlyweds decide on farm tourism for the wedding ceremony and you should know there is indeed a lot of them in Slovenia. Among them are the tourist farm Tonin from the Primorska region, the Brda farm Ljubica from Gorenjska, Pristava above Dolenjska and other truly beautiful locations in nature.

In case you want to keep your maiden name for whatever reason, then you do not need to do anything. But if you will take your spouse's surname or you will just add it to your own, then you need to replace all the official documents with your name, such as a passport and a driving license.

Let's also mention the fairytale wedding location in Kekec Land and the Lepena Valley, Logarska Valley where you can experience the most romantic romantic atmosphere.

Do you want to spend you most beautiful day in the mountains? Then you can choose a wedding at Krvavec in the middle of flowering pastures or in the embrace of a winter fairy tale where you will be accompanied by the smell of flowering mountain herbs and the caving of cow bells.

Also you can promise your love on the Golte on a beautiful Alpine plateau where you can carry out the civil and church part of the wedding. If you decide for the outdoor wedding you need to apply for the authorization outside the official premises at least 45 days before the wedding. Additionally you have to submit a written consent from the owner of the location you will marry at.

Even more, if you want to get married at the location no one previously got married at you have to apply for a civilian registration a few months earlier.

Wedding locations in Slovenia are truly wonderful and idyllic. If you do not yet know where your wedding ceremony will take place and you need advice, you can contact us, experienced wedding organizers and we will try to find a perfect wedding location that you will remember forever.


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